The Art of Handcrafted Jewelry

Who is DanaArts?

Award winning designer and accomplished bench jeweler Justin combines his knowledge of design and bench skills to create extraordinarily beautiful engagement rings, bands and other crafts. In 1996 he started learning about jewelry in Lao P.D.R. as an apprentice, which inspired him to continue his career in jewelry when he returned to the U.S. Justin has traveled around the world learning about other cultures. Observing such diversity in his travels has inspired him to create very unique engagement rings and custom jewelry. His skills at the bench for more than 17 years insures that each design is technically engineered to the highest quality, while his natural gift for art brings the pieces to life.


Justin also uses the latest technology to build his designs. He turns a completed sketch into the 3d world where everything can be made to the exact dimensions before it gets manufactured. His extraordinary imagination transforms ideas into a reality that can be worn by others. It is his desire that you too will capture the uniqueness of all his pieces and desires that you may share in his ideas by wearing his designs.